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Enjoy a ball

Weekly Enjoy-a-Ball sessions help the children to develop their gross motor skills, balance and agility, as well as a range of life skills such as listening, concentration and team working. Every week the children are awarded gold stickers (Nursery) or trophies (Reception). These are mainly awarded for good listening, good sportsmanship, joining in, following instructions and trying hard.

The Nursery and Reception children continue to learn basic movement and ball skills at Enjoy-a-Ball while having lots of fun! This half-term each class has included some batting - so far we have tossed pancakes, taken our puppies for a walk and delivered a million pounds to Pudsey! Today, we are developing our concentration by using a bat and balloon together!


Have you checked out the child development resource on the Cumbria Partnership Trust's Children's Therapy pages? Lots of information and strategies to try out if you have any concerns about your child - you can find it here: