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At our school we take a contemporary/traditional approach to art and design education where we give pupils the knowledge, skills and confidence to express their artistic thoughts and ideas creatively and imaginatively. Key areas of drawing, painting, printing, collage and 3D are taught sequentially and robustly from Nursery to Year 2. However, since we do not have the curriculum time to deliver the full spectrum of art and design properly, we provide stimulating curriculum experiences in a range of other art skills throughout the curriculum at various times.

What Art looks like in our school.....

Maryport Lowry Art Project


While visiting his friend Mr G Bennett at the local Natwest Bank LS Lowry painted and drew several places in Maryport. A painting of the towns iconic Christ Church sold at Southerby's for £81,000.

Maryport infant and primary schools completed a collaborative Lowry art project with local artist John McNamee. This lead to displaying the art works produced by the children in the local shops and library in the town.


Year 2 Great Fire of London

Self Portraits

Nursery have been using a mirror to look carefully and discuss their facial features. We talked about how we all have the same features but they are slightly different on us all. We then used paint to make our self portraits. We tried hard to create closed shapes to represent our features and add detail to our painting. We talked about the colours we would need for each part and sometimes had to mix the colours to get the right colour.