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Funky Fingers 


We have started our Funky Fingers activities which are fun pre writing activities help to build up children's upper body strength (gross motor skills) and finger/hand strength and control (fine motor skills). 

Speaking and listening 


We have been doing lots of speaking and listening activities. We used a feely bag to try and talk about what the object felt like and then guess what it might me. We have been using the computer to play some sound lotto which the children really enjoyed. We have been looking at different musical instruments and the children tried hard to listen to a sound and guess which instrument was being played. 



We used chalk to draw around ourselves outside and the some of us tried hard to write down some of our body parts in the correct place. 

Andy Toolz


We had a visit from a poet this week. He showed us some of the books he has wrote and had published. We all listened carefully as he read some of his poems and joined in with the actions and repeated parts. 



We have been using pencils to draw a picture of ourselves and have been trying hard to write our names. We will do this again throughout the year to see the progress we have made.