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Exploring character description

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September 2018 by dressing up in yellow which was his favourite colour or as a character from one of his many books.
We then made one our favourite Roald Dahl stories in to a short animation! The children worked so hard on this animation and recreated the story brilliantly.
On the 14th September after completing our Percy Kelly style letters we were very lucky to have Ewanrigg Junior School children come down to help us edit our writing. Each child was paired up with a buddy and they worked on improving their writing by checking for basic sentence structure, spelling and making the writing more interesting to the reader. Year 2 loved this experience as did the Junior children and both gained so much from it. We were also very lucky to hear some of the wonderful letters they had written as part of the same project. We were all very impressed and really enjoyed this shared experience.

We began our year with a topic of Long, Long Ago and in English we developed our skills of writing a procedural text of instructions. This was based on developing a set of instructions about how to do something to a dinosaur of their choice. The children had to research their chosen dinosaur and decide what instructions might be needed to look after it as a pet. They learned how to use imperative verbs well and effectively and produced some great instructions.



We had lots of fun following rubbish instructions of how to build a tent. We realised the importance of different aspects of instructional texts and we tried to make this set of better.