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Knowledge and understanding of the world

Bakery Trip


We decided to have a trip to a local bakery. The children started off by making a list of items we needed to get including bread, cookies and cakes. At the bakery we looked closely at how it is set out and the items on sale. The children took it in turns to choose an item and took it to the till to pay the shop assistant. when we got back to school we all enjoyed tasting our chosen item. 

Run Run as fast as you can........


We decided this morning to make some gingerbread men. We all took turns listening to the instructions and mixing the ingredients. But!!! when Mrs Warwick went to check on the gingerbread men they ran right out of the oven! luckily Mrs Warwick got it on video and the children had to become detectives to look for clues. We found some crumbs which we followed and managed to find some gingerbread men which we decorated but the children had lots of ideas as to what had happened to the others including jumping out of the windows.