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Nursery and Reception trip to Aquarium

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Welcome to Nursery!


Today we found 4 huge foot prints in our classroom! We measured them and compared them to our own. We all had lots of ideas as to who they might belong too. Kane thought they might belong to Santa and he even wrote a letter to him to ask if he had been in our classroom. Lucas decided to draw a map to show people where the footprints were. 

Today we received a letter in the post which Jacob said was "Ginormous". It was from the Giant who said he had visited our classroom as he had lost his golden harp and hen so was looking for them. We all talked about what the Giant might look like and tried hard to paint our ideas. 

Ramsey: "Hes black with a big nose."

Jaxx: "Dark green eyes and a grumpy face".


The Giants Castle


Today we thought about what the Giants castle might look like and we tried hard to draw them discussing our ideas as we did so. 

Olivia. I: "I need to draw a door. They are the windows. I'm doing a flag now black and blue."

Savannah: "Mine has 2 purple flags on top and two enormous green towers. Mines very delicate its got a Giant on the flag and his beard is hanging out. I've made a table with a hen and golden harp."


We also used some of the blocks outside to build a castle like the Giants and we use lots of green paint with different brushes to make our own beanstalk pictures. 

Special delivery 

We got a special delivery today from the Giant...... he gave us our own magic beans!! we were very excited to plant them and we talked about what they needed to help them grow. We decided they needed to go on the window so that they got some light from the sun. We are going to water them to keep them healthy and help them grow. 


We have been using jelly beans to practice our counting by counting out the correct number into the plant pots. 

We put some puppets in our reading area and some of the children have been using them to help them retell the story of jack and the beanstalk. We have some good Giant characters using language from the story!

Story map


As we have been reading the story of Jack and the beanstalk lots we know the story very well and used this to make our own story map to help us retell the story. We worked together to draw pictures for each part and the children helped think of  a sentence for each part.

Guess what we found?.......


Today we went outside to play and guess what we found??? .......... the golden harp!!!! We all thought very hard of how we could let the Giant know we had found his harp Kane suggested "when our beanstalks grow we could use them to climb up to the Giants castle" but Finley thought "We could post it!" so we decided to write a letter to the Giant to let him know we had found his golden harp and walked to the post box to post it. We know the Giant is going to be so happy!


This term we are learning about 'people who help us'. We started off by thinking about who these people could be and looking at the different uniforms they were. We changed our play tray to a town showing people who help us. We also looked at shapes and designed our own lollipop signs which some of the children used in their play.

Fire Fighters


The children have shown a big interest in fire-fighters so we have done lots of activities linked to this. We have practiced our fire fighter skills on a obstacle course going over and under to keep us fit. We have worked together to make a fire engine using blocks and tyres and solved problems using the water tubes. We also experimented with flame colours talking about how the colours change. For our number work we used extinguishers to put out number flames outside and used magnets to rescue numbers from the flames. We also made our own fire engines using different shapes.

Today we had two more special visitors in Nursery. We had two police officers come to talk to us all about their job and how they help keep people safe. The children got to try on different uniform and they told us all about the equipment they carry on their very heavy vest. The children decided that Mrs Warwick should get arrested so they could see how the handcuffs are used. We got the chance to try the walkie talkies and see how the police officers use these. To finish the morning off we all had a go in the police van. We had a brilliant morning!

Today we had a visit from Maryport Inshore Rescue. The children loved being involved!

Today we had a special visitor in our class! PCSO Lightfoot came in to talk to us all about her important job and how she helps keep us safe. She showed us her important uniform which she let us try on and we even got to go in the police van. The children loved hearing all about the life of a police officer. Later on we got in role as police detectives looking at our finger prints carefully using the magnifying glasses.



This term we are learning all about the season Winter, but as the children are very interested in Frozen we will add this to our topic. We have been busy changing our classroom to match our topic with the children helping to build a ice palace and creating a winter play tray.


Elsa needs our help!


Today we got a very special delivery from Arendelle! Elsa needed our help as she had accidently froze her friends and she wanted us to help release them. We all had a turn at touching the ice

Josh: "very cold my hands are cold"


We then thought about how we could help release Elsas friends.


Olivia N: "we could magic them out."

Jaxon: "we need hot things cold things melt in hot."


We split into two groups and both decided to take the ice outside in the sun but one group decided to use a cover to keep them extra warm. The children were keen to help and kept looking at the changes. As they started to melt the children decided to use some tools to help speed it up!




Winter Art work

This term we have experimented mixing cold colours to create winter backgrounds and used paint ice cubes to make pictures. We also made our own collage snowmen and used pebbles to follow patterns.


This week we have been learning about Penguins. We read the story 'Be brave little Bear' and tried hard to use the facial expressions of the character. We then used ice cubes to make an igloo for  Pip Pip the penguin and tried to waddle like penguins.

Christmas Fun


We have all had lots of Christmas fun in the last couple of weeks with visits from Santa and taking part in our brilliant Christmas show!

Listening Games 

This week Ian the storyteller has been working with us. We have been playing lots of listening games and made our own walkie talkies which we used outside. 

Gingerbread Man


This term our topic is the 'Gingerbread Man'. We have lots of fun activities planned.  We started off the topic by listening to the story and joining in with the repeated phrases.

Making gingerbread men


We really enjoyed making our own gingerbread men. We listened carefully to the instructions and took turns sharing the equipment. Once the mixture was made we helped roll it out, use the cutters and decorate them. We were very lucky that they didn't run away when we opened the oven door!! 

How could we help the Gingerbread Man?


We thought about how we could help the Gingerbread Man so the Fox didn't eat him. We had lots of good suggestions including making a boat and giving the Gingerbread Man armbands but we decided to try and make a bridge using the blocks outside. 

Making Play dough


Today we made some gingerbread play dough. We started off by smelling different spices and grating the nutmeg (some of us didn't like the smell of ginger). The children all helped follow the instructions and were very good at mixing the ingredients. Once the play dough was ready the children enjoyed rolling it out to make their own gingerbread men using the different decorations. Some of us then pretended to cook them in the home corner!



Gingerbread man Experiment


Today we became scientists and we loved taking part in out first experiment. We talked about what happened to the gingerbread man in the story and why he didn't want to go in the water.

We then made predictions about what might happen to the gingerbread man in the water

Savannah: "He will get soggy and have bumps all over him"

McKenzie: "He will sink in the water"

Layla: "He's going to sink"


We put the gingerbread man in the bowl of water and watched him carefully. It was very exciting to see the changes! We talked about the results.


Kane: "He broke up, the water went yellow"

Jack: "The water has changed colour"

Theo: "He went to pieces"


Look at the pictures below.....