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If you have concerns about a child please ring the safeguarding hub TEL: 0333 240 1727 ................ SAFEGUARDING IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY


We follow the Letters and Sounds sequence of teaching, we work in small groups for a 20 minute session.  


On a Monday, we do a whole group phonics session. During this session; the new phonemes of the week are introduce, the actions for each phoneme and how we write each phoneme. 

We will also do different phonics games to recap all the phonemes taught so far for example using; phonics bingo, what's in the box? 'Post man, post man, 1, 2, 3 have you got a letter for me?' 


We often work in our classroom but sometimes we work in the hall or outside. 

'Listen for your phoneme'

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Each child wears a different phoneme necklace, they must listen out for their phoneme or a word containing their phoneme. Once they hear it they must try and get back to their place before the other person gets back to theirs.

'Postman, Postman, 1, 2, 3 have you got a letter for me?'

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Phonics game.