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Netherton Infant School Maryport ..................................... SAFEGUARDING IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY


At Netherton Infant School we have adopted the White Rose Maths approach to teaching and learning. A Mastery approach rejects the idea that some children ‘can’t do maths.’ We accept that all children can achieve well in maths. Children will support each other’s learning in mixed ability pairs. Children will use carefully chosen equipment to represent mathematical problems to expose mathematical structures. Children can talk about and explain the mathematics they are learning. Our whole class lesson is followed by independent practise time. Our learning uses a CPA (concrete/pictorial/abstract) model.


Through careful lesson planning, all children are on a learning journey together from a shared starting point through small coherent steps that are achievable by all. Our tasks are not differentiated.  It is expected that all children will access the learning through appropriate support and skilled questioning. Challenge will be available to all through opportunity for deep learning, reasoning and open-ended challenging problems. Fluency will be taught in a separate lesson.

Year 2 exploring, problem solving and reasoning