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British Values

We believe that all children should have a opportunity to explore and learn about all walks of life including their own. Over the year the children will develop an understanding of all religions and look at similarities and differences in their own beliefs. We will explore what it means to be British in our wonderfully diverse world.  We would like to develop a respect and understanding from the children towards others.
We learnt about Diwali as part of a whole school day of learning. We looked at what it means for those who celebrate Diwali. We made lanterns, drew henna tattoos and learnt about the story of Sita and Rama and recreated it with shadow puppets. Check out Seesaw to see the children performing!
We have been learning all about Harvest. We learnt about Christianity and why they celebrate Harvest. We wrote a prayer/ poem about what is important about Harvest to read in church. We learned that Christians say thank you to God for all they have been given to eat and drink and for all the beauty in Autumn. Children were also encouraged to bring in some food for the Foodbank and learnt the importance of helping others.