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PE & Sport

Physical Development


Physical Education (P.E) ensures that our children have the knowledge to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps them to be part of the local community and the wider world. Our children enjoy their PE learning as they explore new skills and experiences with their peers, collaborating and thinking creatively. We promote respect for ourselves and others and celebrate diversity.


Our PE is about improving children's competency to participate through the 3 pillars of progressions.

Pillar 1 - Motor competence - coordinating fine and gross motor skills and developing the Fundamental Movement Skills: locomotor skills (such as running, jumping), stability skills such as twisting and balancing) and manipulation skills (such as throwing and catching). 


Pillar 2 - Rules, Strategies and Tactics

Children are taught the rules, strategies and tactics involved with different types of activities. Knowing how and where to move in a game/activity.


Pillar 3 - Healthy Participation - knowledge of health and how it applies to physical activity.  Knowledge about how the body works so that they can understand the relationships between activity and its effect on the body. 




What Physical Education looks like in our school.

Football World Cup

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