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Autumn Topic


This term in Nursery our main topic we are learning about is the season 'Autumn'. All areas of the curriculum will be taught through this topic. We will be talking about the changes in nature all around us so we are hoping to do lots of outdoor learning. We will be encouraging the children to talk about their likes and dislikes linked to autumn and the festivals celebrated throughout this season.


In the next few weeks we would like to organise an Autumn walk so we all have the chance to become detectives and search for signs of Autumn. If you find any great examples of Autumn (falling leaves, acorns, conkers) please bring them into class so we can share them.

Autumn Detectives


Today we finished our Autumn topic by going on an Autumn walk. We had so much fun being detectives looking for signs of Autumn and playing in all the fallen leaves.



As part of our Autumn Topic this week we have started to talk about Harvest and all the food we are thankful for. We have used some fruit and vegetables to make our own print pictures.

On the way to Nursery


Things to look out for and discuss


  • Different signs of Autumn.











  • The colours of the fallen leaves.











  • Count any signs of Autumn.