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Design Technology

Santa sent us a very special letter today delivered by one of his elves! He has been watching us in class and was very impressed with how well we worked on our bridges together. He has a problem as his reindeer have disappeared and he needs a back up plan in case they don't return in time for Christmas! He has given us specific criteria on which we must build a vehicle which will get him around the world in one night! We're all very excited and can't wait to get to get started!

We are exploring bridges in design technology, the different types of bridges, structures and materials that could be used to build our own. The children have been set a challenge this week to build a bridge that stretches across a 30 cm river and it must be strong enough to hold Dennis the dinosaur and his two friends!

The children are having a wonderful time designing and exploring the possibilities.

We had to work together with lot's of discussion to beat our challenge