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Our history is centred around our children's knowledge and understanding of the wider world and community around them. Our children enjoy their history learning as they explore with their peers, collaborating and thinking creatively. They develop knowledge and skills for life, expressing their viewpoints and gaining a wider and more in depth understand of the similarities and differences between life today and in the past. We are very lucky that we are able to touch, see and explore a wealth of artefacts and photographs as sources of information.

Children are also able to access local experiences that are planned through visits to museums and places of historical interest or importance. Year 1 & 2 children visited Tuille House and learnt all about museums and the different jobs and then created our own Netherton Museum. We also celebrate the links the Titantic had with Maryport as well as the first black policeman being from Maryport. As well as local artists Percy Kelly, Sheila Fell and the visits from Lowry to these artists. 


During our Early Years Foundation Stage, children begin to form foundations for later work in history. Children have lots of opportunities to develop a sense of past and present, through lots of discussion. Children are encouraged to talk about their experiences of events, for example Christmas and birthdays, using the language of 'yesterday', 'today', 'last week'. Children also examine appropriate artefacts and discovering the meaning of old and new in relation to their own lives.

As children move into Key Stage 1 , they continue to develop their understanding of past and present, looking at events that are significant nationally, such as The Great Fire of London or the Titantic. Children enjoy looking at lives of significant individuals, as well as learning about rich historical changes in our local area of Maryport.

Mary Anning


Year 1 had a special visitor today. Mary Anning the famous Palaeontologist came to school and told us all about her life. We learnt lots of information and had great fun.


Year 2 Learning all about The Great Fire of London and sharing their knowledge in assembly

Nursery have been using photos to talk about their own life history and their family.

Year 1 & 2 have been working with Tuille House Museum on a mini museum project. This involved visits to Tuille house to understand how a museum works as well as Tuille house staff coming to school to work with our children in setting up our own museum.

As part of this project the children will gain an Arts Award.