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Autumn 2- Toys

Our new book is Traction Man is here by Mini Grey.



Traction Man is here!

With an action outfit for every occasion,

Traction Man patrols the house, saving toys, guarding toast, and rescuing damsels in distress. 

Our hero is ready for anything...or is he?



The first lesson- the children had to describe the man character 'Traction Man' using adjectives. 

The second lesson- the children had to describe the setting, the 'sink scene' from Traction Man. 

The children were in 3 small groups, they each had the 'sink scene'. They had to explore by only using their hands. Then they had to use adjectives to describe what they felt for example 'slimy pasta' and 'rough scrubbing brush'. 

Traction Man's special mission in the sink!

Describing the 'sink scene' from Traction Man

During continuous provision ; some children made Traction Man a new outfit.

Role play - Toy shop