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Spring Term 2

This term we have moved onto to looking at money. We will be learning the value of coins and notes, doing lots of problem solving and reasoning. please encourage your child to be involved in adding up your shopping, counting their pocket money and buying their own toys and sweets. 

We will then move onto multiplication, division and times tables we will continue to problem solve and reason in these areas. Our focus in times tables will be 2, 5 and 10 this can be  supported through learning at home.

The children are very driven and excited about their Maths and the challenges they work on independently and with their friends.

Problem solving with place value

Bar modelling with friends


Mathswhizz will continue as in Year 1. The children's usernames and passwords will remain the same. Each child will be allocated time in the school week to ensure 45 minutes of Mathswhizz is completed and any extra time is a bonus. It is a great, fun way for your child to learn maths so please encourage them to participate.