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Understanding the world

Autumn Jelly 

We looked at our autumn treasures and each child choose something they would like to add to our Autumn jelly. We talked about how the jelly is liquid at the minute but as it cools down and sets it will become harder and like jelly.

The children were very keen and excited to see how the jelly had changed and were eager to explore. They talked about the texture and used hands and spoons to play in the jelly each looking for the item they had added. 



This week in Nursery we are focusing on the season of Autumn. We started by talking about Autumn and the changes in the environment during this time. We then had a walk to the local area where we enjoyed exploring and looking for autumn treasure to collect.  When we got back to school we looked carefully at everyones treasure and talked about them looking closely at the shapes and colours. We will use our findings to make autumn jelly tomorrow. 


Doodle Buddy

We have been using the Doodle Buddy app. The children enjoyed exploring the different tools to add funny effects and sounds  to their pictures like adding coloured hair or googly eyes.  We had fun exploring and showing each other their new pictures. 

Guess the smell


This week we have been talking about our senses and what we use them for. We focused on the sense of smell for our activity. we looked at a range of substances in a bowl and talked about what they smelt like and which we liked. We then used blindfolds so that we could try and guess the smell without seeing what it was. 



We have been looking at how we change as we grow older. We looked at videos of babies and talked about what they can do now that they could'nt when they were babies. We then looked at some baby photos of us and tried to guess who was who. 

Shortbread People 


We had a busy day making shortbread people. We took urns weighing and mixing the ingredients and talked about how the ingredients will change as they go in the oven. We then enjoyed adding facial features to our biscuits to make them look like people. 

Baby Penny


We had a special visitor in school this week. Mrs Brown came in with her baby Penny to tell us all about babies and what they need. We all listened carefully as she told us what they eat and drink. Penny was a star and was trying to talk to us by making cute sounds.